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Manufacturer Spotlight: HYDMECH

February 05, 2021

Industrial Bandsaw Services is proud to be a leading partner of HYDMECH in Ontario and throughout all of Canada. If your processes rely heavily on metal band saw technology, then having access to products from HYDMECH in Ontario is crucial. The brand continues to be a global leader in offering top-of-the-line sawing solutions with unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability.


HYDMECH has pioneered remarkable innovations and products within the industry.


They provide the broadest range of sawing machines, from portable models to vertical and horizontal band saws. HYDMECH’s varied range of products ensure you have the options you need to overcome any challenge. Their solutions and designs optimize efficiency and productivity, as well as ease of use.


Industrial Bandsaw Services makes sure to provide the best support for all our HYDMECH products in Ontario. Our sophisticated, highly-skilled team of technicians and distributors provide implementation, maintenance, and repair services.


Industrial Bandsaw Services provides a range of HYDMECH’s band saw series. These include the double miter series, vertical series, and horizontal series.


The double miter series has some of the smallest units, perfect for use in factories with less floor space. Though they have small, compact designs, they still offer the same high performance as their bigger counterparts. On the other hand, the V-series features heavy-duty, high-performance vertical tilt frame saws which are versatile in cutting two-way miters. They have cutting capabilities of up to 30 inches and come in automatic and semi-automatic operations.


Lastly, under the horizontal series, we have horizontal, guillotine saws that are designed for delivering big straight cuts even in high production environments. They can provide cuts of up to 80 inches very quickly. Also included in this series are scissor-style band saws for medium-duty applications which are suitable for use in fabrication shops and automotive shops. Though the band saws under each series are made for specific applications, they are all designed to use off-the-shelf-parts so that you achieve quick repairs when needed.


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