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Maximizing Operational Efficiency with Bandsaw Coolant

May 27, 2019

If you own or work with a bandsaw, you probably know the importance of proper maintenance. Preventative maintenance serves to increase productivity by decreasing costs associated with downtime.


One preventative measure you can take to ensure operational efficiency of your bandsaw is by opting for bandsaw coolant.


Bandsaw coolant simultaneously improves cutting rates while extending the lifespan of your bandsaw blades. Bandsaw coolants effectively reduce heat caused by friction between the bandsaw blade and the material, clear away residual chips, and avert damage to blade teeth.

Industrial Bandsaw Services understands the importance of maximizing the operational efficiency of your bandsaw through preventative maintenance. That’s why we are the number one distributor of band saw blades, lubricants, and bandsaw coolant supplies. We offer a range of coolants and lubricants to ensure your bandsaw runs at peak efficiency. Check out a few of our products below:


Clean Lube 3000

Eberle's Clean Lube 3000 is a synthetic-based, moderate heavy-duty MQL that offers zero EP additives such as chlorine or sulfur. It allows for an extended blade life and minimal film. Clean Lube 3000 does not dry hard and is easier to clean up. Perfect for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials - Clean Lube 3000 can also be used in light-forming applications. 


Semitech GS


Eberle’s Semitech GS is a semi-synthetic water soluble fluid, formulated for the machining of most metals. Semitech’s superior lubricity is achieved through a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic EP additives. Semitech offers little foaming, low misting, and resistance to rancidity and rust.


Sump Doctor RX


Sump Doctor RX is a machine and sump cleaner specially formulated for metalworking fluid systems. This water-based, alkaline formula is perfectly safe for all metals, and is highly effective and removing inorganic, organic, and biological residues and deposits.


Choosing the Right Coolant for Your Bandsaw Blades


Whether it’s bandsaw blades, blade lubricant or everything in between look no further than Industrial Bandsaw Services.  If you’re unsure where to begin with selecting the right bandsaw coolant or lubricant for your bandsaw, then do not hesitate to ask the team at Industrial Bandsaw Services. Industrial Bandsaw offers the capabilities and experience to ensure your bandsaw operates at peak efficiency.