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New Website, New Blog, Same Band Saw Blades

May 24, 2018

Welcome to the newly updated website and blog for Industrial Bandsaw Services! Here, you’ll find frequent updates, messages, and general information concerning our services, industry, and amazing products. Feel free to browse, as we’ve updated nearly every section of the site, from the home page right to this brand-new blog post.


Of course, none of these updates have changed the availability and quality of our exceptional band saw blades; our product section is as expansive as ever, and now includes updated descriptions and tons of information to help you find the best blades and machines for your unique purposes. We still prioritize the accuracy and consistency of your work, and offer everything you might need, from lubricants to bi-metal blades, from installation to maintenance work – we want your production line running as smoothly as possible, and our products are designed to help!


Our website is new, but our commitment remains unchanged – bringing you only the best in band saw blades, and in customer service, wherever you may be in Canada. Our 3,500 square-foot facility is still easily accessible from Toronto, and we hope that our renewed online presence means that our machines and saws see increased use in the industries they make such a strong impact on. Our technicians are ready to take on the challenge!



Industrial Bandsaw Services is still your go-to supplier for band saw blades!



Our new site is filled with all of the information you need to find the best industrial band saw blades for your business, and if there’s anything else that you need, feel free to contact us anytime! Our technicians are always ready to advise on your unique situation, and to offer support, guidance, and, most importantly, exactly the right machine or saw for your industrial process, along with maintenance, training, and complete turnkey support for your business. Feel free to reach out anytime!