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Practices That Damage Band Saw Blades

February 15, 2022

Practices That Damage Band Saw Blades

The quality of a cut largely depends on the saw operator’s techniques and skills, as well as the bandsaw blade’s condition. The bandsaw blades will perform poorly if they are poorly maintained or used. Over time, damages to the blade can accrue, such as tiny nicks, noticeable bends, dents, and burns.  



The best way to extend the life of your bandsaw blade is to avoid doing the following



Utilizing a Wet Blade Dry 

Wet saw blades, as their name implies, cut best when a coolant is used during the operation. This is crucial because it fights intense friction, suppresses chips, and flushes chips from the cuts. If the wet blades run dry without coolants, they are prone to overheating and burning out due to friction. In such cases, the cut will be subpar and the blade can get significantly damaged or warped because of heat. Make sure you are always cognizant of how best to operate a specific blade before kicking it into full gear.  

Choosing the Wrong Blade 

Most bandsaw blades are capable of cutting a wide range of materials. However, some of them are more excellent at cutting certain materials as compared to others. You certainly would not use a butter knife to cut a steak. Similarly, using the wrong type of blade will slow down the cutting process significantly and the cutting can even become defective as the saw is incapable of completing clean or straight cuts. Thus, always utilize the right blade when cutting a certain material for the most effective results. For tips on how to choose the right blade for your applications, check out our guide

Burying or Forcing the Blade 

Burying the saw blade means forcing the blade into the material really hard. There are many different kinds of blades, some of which are incredibly strong such as diamond blades. They are extremely tough but this does not mean you can be using them with too much power, cutting too deeply and quickly. This can unnecessarily increase the machine’s amperage which can also burn out the motor. Eventually, the blade may also become dull quickly and won't cut well.  

Incorrect Blade Installation 

Finally, bandsaw blades that are installed inappropriately will cut poorly, sometimes in the wrong direction. This can damage the blade and the material being cut as well. Always ensure that you follow the best practices when it comes to bandsaw blade installation. When in doubt, enlist the help of experts such as those at Industrial Bandsaw Services, whose knowledgeable technicians can guide you on how best to install and maintain your blades. 

Avoiding all of the above wrong practices can help you ensure that your band saw blades cut perfectly and last for a long time. For more information on bandsaw blades and bandsaw parts, stay tuned for our next blog!