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Preparing Your Bandsaw Blades For Use

January 28, 2022

Bandsaw blades are used in both woodworking and metalworking applications, having to perform optimally even in some of the most heavy-duty environments. A bandsaw blade is usually made of alloy steel or stainless steel, which can be sharpened using a grinding wheel mounted on a machine tool. As bandsaw blades are so crucial to industrial operations, their proper maintenance and setup are of utmost importance.

How to Install Your New Bandsaw Blade Properly

With a new bandsaw blade, you need to make sure that it is installed properly. Here are the steps you must take before installing your new blade:

  • Clean the area of the saw with gasoline or kerosene to remove any foreign particles from the area where the blade will be installed
  • Secure the bandsaw machine properly so that it does not move during the installation of the blade
  • Put a piece of plywood on top of the saw and align one of its edges with an edge on the saw table so that both pieces are flush
  • Set up a straight edge between both boards and use masking tape to hold them in place Install the blade and then fit them with blade guides
  • Clean up any dirt or debris that may have been produced during the installation process
  • Give the setup one last visual check to ensure that everything is in its right place

Flutter Testing Your Bandsaw Blades

Flutter testing is a technique that determines whether or not your blades are maintaining proper tension during use. The V-Belt tension is crucial and you will need to correct it as soon as you detect issues. This method is typically used to help identify dull blades or blades with broken teeth. It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes to complete!

  • Make sure to remove the blade guides before usage to avoid damaging them
  • All bandsaw tires must have proper tension to perform their duties
  • Mount the blade according to your manufacturer's specifications
  • Close all the covers to ensure your safety
  • Start the machine and use the highest cutting speed possible to test the blade's flutter levels.

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