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Product Spotlight: Clean Lube 3000

February 12, 2021

At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we provide a wide array of bandsaw products and accessories to help you keep your bandsaws and blades in tiptop shape. Our band saw lubricant products keep your blades running at their maximum efficiency. When you have the best bandsaw blade products, make sure you utilize only the best lubricants in order to properly maintain them, giving you a powerful and consistent means of getting your work done.


The Eberle Clean Lube 3000 is a versatile and efficient lubricant.


Application and Handling

This is a spray mist/minimum quantity lubricant. Each unit is capable of dispensing approximately eight ounces per eight hour shifts. It can also be applied via a drop method, which is usually best suited for drilling and tapping operations. It is safe to handle in its delivered form. Make sure your operators adhere to prevailing OSHA safety regulations. You may request a Safety Data Sheet containing comprehensive information about handling guidelines by emailing


Product Description

This is an operator-friendly moderate to heavy-duty near-dry machining fluid. It is best used to replace flood coolant. As it is designed to be a minimum quantity lubricant, it is incredibly efficient and budget-friendly. It may be used in all types of metalworking applications, as well as with intensive operations such as sawing, broaching, and tapping. It does not need to be cleaned before heat treatment and is non-staining. It has a flash point of 290 Celsius and a density of 7.49 lbs. per gallon.



The Clean Lube 3000 is perfect for use in a variety of industrial processes and applications, including the following:

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Swaging
  • Reaming
  • Turning
  • Tapping
  • Punching
  • Shearing
  • Cold Forming


This band saw lubricant is sourced from Eberle, a renowned manufacturer who also supplies many of the blades that we carry at Industrial Bandsaw Services. Eberle has spent decades innovating to design the best band saw lubricant products. Call us today for more information about our products!