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Role of Bandsaw Lubricants In Improving Bandsaw Efficiency

June 24, 2022

Role of Bandsaw Lubricants In Improving Bandsaw Efficiency

The numerous moving parts work in tandem for the bandsaw to provide optimum results and cut through wood and metals easily. The performance of the bandsaw gets noticeably reduced when any of the parts get damaged. Incorrect usage, exerting too much pressure, and incorrect blade angles are all reasons that can lead to damaged parts.

However, lack of proper lubrication is one of the most common reasons that damage bandsaws.Using coolants and lubricants is recommended to avoid downtime and ensure continuous productivity. Lack of band saw lubricants lead to friction and overheating, leading to even permanent damage.


Here are lubricants perfect for bandsaws.



Semi-synthetic water soluble
This type of lubricant is used widely across sawmills and machine shops. Its ability to prevent friction and overheating is unmatched. Semi-synthetic water-soluble coolants manufactured by Eberle, a top brand based out of the US, are supplied by us at Industrial Bandsaw Services. Semitech GS is a lubricant made through the use of superior emulsifiers. Low misting, rancidity resistance and less dumping are its significant benefits. 

Spray Mist/ Minimum Quantity Lubricant
Spray mist/minimum quantity lubricants are always in great demand. As the name suggests, only a minimum quantity of lubricant is required for maximum results, thus helping you save costs. Clean Lube 3000 is a spray mist lubricant manufactured by Eberle. Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and low odour are significant features of this lubricant. You will experience very little smoke and misting when you use Clean Lube 3000.

For keeping the bandsaw parts clean, you can rely on Sump Doctor RX, a machine and sump cleaner from Eberle. The Sump Doctor RX is perfect for metalworking fluid systems. This machine cleaner is perfect for removing organic, inorganic, and biological residues. 

Industrial Bandsaw Services offers bandsaw lubricants and coolants from the top brands. We also supply bandsaw parts and used bandsaws at the best rates. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.