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Choosing the correct bandsaws and bandsaw blades for your applications is paramount. Trust Industrial Bandsaw for all your bandsaw blades needs and more! 

Selecting a Double Miter Bandsaw




When it comes to bandsaws and bandsaw blades, choosing the right kind of machine for your applications is paramount. There are different types of saws, primarily divided into three categories: double miter bandsaws, vertical bandsaws, and horizontal bandsaws. When it comes to selecting the right bandsaw, you will need to determine if you need a single or double miter saw. That way, you can select the right bandsaw blade as well.

The primary difference between double miter bandsaws and single bevel bandsaws is that double miter bandsaws can make cuts at both sides of the board without the board having to move. They are also typically more expensive because of this, and are also heavier.

At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we supply a wide range of bandsaws and bandsaw blades, including double miter machines.n

DM-10 Bandsaw

This is a versatile machine that is designed to save on set-up time and is relatively compact compared to other models. It features a cast iron head and vises that are ideal for absorbing vibrations and promoting accuracy. It has a rotating table with a single cut line, allowing the head and blade groove to move together smoothly.

DM-12 Bandsaw

Like the DM-10, the DM-12 is also manually operated, featuring an easy swing head and quick release cast-iron vises for maximum efficiency. Its adjustable guide arm and rotating table make it incredibly user-friendly, allowing for flexibility where needed. It is also a compact machine, allowing you to operate it in tight spaces.

DM-1318P Bandsaw

This machine is semi-automatic, ideal for medium-duty cutting applications. It comes with a swing head that has an easily-read angle scale as well as quick stops at 45, 60, and 90 degree positions. Its cast iron vises feature a quick release mechanism, allowing the operator to position them quickly. It is one of the most versatile and easy to set up bandsaws in our double miter series.

For all your bandsaw needs, make sure to give Industrial Bandsaw Services a call. We supply various parts, machines, and services, promising to always put your needs first!


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