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Selecting the Right Bandsaw Blades – Industrial Bandsaw

May 24, 2018

Bandsaw blades can take on a very wide variety of tasks – using the right coating and type can ensure precision. Coated blades provide added benefits and qualities that have seen major improvements over the decades.

Some of the older blades, particularly titanium nitride coated blades, can cost more than they are worth, but more modern options like carbide coating, which is also used in industrial grade drills, provides better performance in feed rate. Other types of coating can improve the lifespan of the bandsaw blade, perform better with specific materials or allow more complex patters.

Now, coatings enable higher speeds and feed rates by making the tooth edge harder and tougher, protecting it from excessive abrasion and heat.

Modern coatings can perform really well in high-temperature applications, withstand chemical or physical abrasion better and generally improve the strength and durability of the blade itself. Given the high competition in the industry, modern coated bandsaw blades can be incredibly cost efficient. This is particularly true when working at large scales or under speed constraints. Blades made with particular alloys and bi-metals can be ideal for extended use. Titanium nitride and aluminium titanium nitride are good examples of blades employed for heavy production and increased safety.

Whether it is for personal and recreational use or for larger industrial and commercial needs, Industrial Bandaw is proud to offer a comprehensive stock of bandsaw blades that can address any project or commercial need. Large run production or personal passion projects can be done with the highest standard of quality, employing a mix of modern and proper tools with technical knowledge. Our expert staff can help you or your enterprise determine the best tools for the job, recommending materials and tools which will best increase productivity and safety.


Want to learn more about bandsaw blades, their different models and which may be best for your home project or business? We love to talk about woodworking, bandsaws and machining, so we will be able to help you determine the right tools and approach. Contact us today to learn more.