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Here are three major signs of band saw blade deterioration.

Signs of Band Saw Blade Deterioration




Bandsaw blades are a versatile product used in various industrial applications, frequently coming into contact with heavy-duty materials. They have to be manufactured with care and made to be reliable and durable due to the intensive environments and operations they are involved in.


With that said, even the best-made band saw blades will eventually deteriorate over time.


In some cases, it is not just age that results in wear and tear but improper use and poor maintenance. Whatever the reasons for band saw blade damage, you will need to know which signs to look out for so that you can be prepared for repairs or possible even replacements.


Here are three major signs of band saw blade deterioration:


1. Inconsistent or Unclean Cuts

Long-term use can result in teeth stripping, which will result in inaccurate and inconsistent cuts. In addition, faulty band saw operations can also result in teeth stripping, which is why you must take care to watch for proper band saw tension and to always use the right blade with the material you are cutting. If you notice poor quality cuts, first check that you are not operating the band saw improperly. If not, you will need to replace your blade as soon as possible.


2. Excessive or Unusual Noises

Any kind of abnormal noise can mean issues with your band saw. However, squeaking noises are more commonly associated with band saw blade issues. Squeaking can indicate that a blade has aged significantly, but it can also simply be a sign that you need to amp up your maintenance activities. Try adding lubricant first to see if the noises dissipate. If not, you may need to enlist the assistance of a technician to check for potential repairs. 


3. Blade Cracking

Spotting cracks on your blade is the surest sign that replacements are needed. At this point, repairs will no longer suffice. High-quality blades will usually not crack even when cutting harder materials, but you still need to make sure you are using the right kind of blade for harder materials. Certain blade types are more suitable for harder metals, such as carbide-tipped blades. Make sure you browse the catalogue on the Industrial Bandsaw catalogue in order to learn about different blade types.


If you find yourself in need of quality band saw blade replacements, get in touch with the experts at Industrial Bandsaw Services. Our experts will gladly assist you in finding the right product for your applications. 


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