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The Band Saw Supplies That Your Shop Needs

September 18, 2018

Band saw blades and coolants are designed for specific materials, ideal either for wood or metal work. Bandsaw supplies like coolants, lubricants and blades are an essential part of any shop.


With Industrial Bandsaw Services, your shop can count on high quality band saw supplies from reputable suppliers as well as expert technical knowledge based on experience.


Here is what you need to know about the essential shop supplies we carry to ensure the best cut:


M42 -  The M42 has a wide range of uses in metalwork. They are efficient and durable, a dependable all-rounder blade that can work on all types of metal. It is made from high-performance bimetal and it provides abrasion-resistance and long blade life.

PT – Ideal for saw tubing, structural materials and bundles. It has low vibration and can offer precision cutting. Its tooth geometry and setting are engineered for intermittent cutting applications to reduce pinching, tooth breakages and tooth chipping.

MX55 – The Duoflex® MX55 is engineered for heavy cutting on materials like high speed steel. The blade is made of cobalt and tungsten, and it uses triple chip ground toothing for a stable cutting edge. It also has exceptional wear resistance.

Coolants and Lubricants:

  • Synthetic Fluids – this type of lubricant has no oil-based products and is made to give the best cooling solution possible.
  • Semi-synthetic fluids – made with both soluble cutting fluids and synthetics. It is a more economic option with good performance.
  • Water Soluble Oil Products – soluble oil is compatible with materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. It also increases tool life by giving good bacterial and oxidant control when applied.


Have any questions about band saw supplies and which may be best for your application? Contact Industrial Bandsaw Services today to speak with an expert.