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Ever wondered what bandsaw coolant is and how it works? You should, because bandsaw coolant is absolutely vital to the maintenance of your bandsaws. 

The Basics of Bandsaw Coolants




Normally, heat is a good thing – it is required in many basic procedures to power up tools and machinery, and is a necessary component of many functions, such as cooking. But in some cases, heat can be bad, especially when it comes to the effect it has on tools.

When operating any tools, especially tools like bandsaws that generate a lot of friction and heat, you need some coolant on hand to keep the temperature regulated. Bandsaw coolant is absolutely vital to the maintenance of your bandsaws.


Here is some essential information to keep in mind about bandsaw coolants:



Not only does bandsaw coolant stop your tools from obtaining irreversible and costly damage, thus extending blade life, it can also make the cutting process a lot smoother by overcoming the side-effects of friction and improving cutting rates. In addition, a wash of bandsaw coolant over your tools can help remove chips from your workpiece, getting rid of annoying mess.


There are several types of bandsaw coolants out there, with different bases used to suit different kinds of materials more. That being said, regular water-based coolants are pretty versatile and can work with most materials, such as aluminium and steel. There is also evaporative coolant, which is needed for applications that require faster band speeds that generate great amounts of friction. There are also synthetic and oil-based coolants.


Different types of bandsaws will come outfitted with different types of coolant delivery systems. One example is a misting system, wherein the coolant is deployed on the necessary areas through a burst of mist, thus distributing the bandsaw coolant relatively evenly. It is important to familiarize yourself with the system you are using so that you learn the most efficient and effective way to utilize your bandsaw coolant.

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