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The Different Types of a Hyd Mech Band Saw

November 15, 2018

High quality industrial band saws are used for a number of different industrial cutting applications, providing durability and efficiency for every job. There’s a wide range of band sawing machines offered in today’s market, yet only a few of these brands provide true quality and reliability. When you’re looking for the best band saws available, a Hyd Mech band saw is exactly what you need.


For all of your metal cutting needs, a Hyd Mech band saw is an indispensable power tool for your metalworking job.


What Makes Hyd Mech Saws the Best Power Tools?

A Hyd Mech band saw is known to deliver outstanding performance when it comes to versatility, functionality, and reliability. We at Industrial Bandsaw Services offer a wide selection of Hyd Mech band saws, each suited for a number of different sawing applications.


Here are some of the different types of Hyd Mech band saws that we offer:


  • Double Miter Series – Our Hyd Mech double miter saws offer a tough performance similar to larger saws. These compact systems are equipped with top-rate mitering capability. These are general purpose medium-duty machines that can be used for cutting solids and tubing a wide range of alloys.
  • Horizontal Pivot Series – These miter-cutting machines are used for medium-duty applications at fabrication shops, oil refineries, and machine shops. They are available in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual variations.
  • Vertical Series – Also known as a contour saw, the blade of the saw is kept steady while the work-piece is moved. This type of blade is used to cut out complex angles and shapes.
  • Horizontal Series – Used for straight cuts, Hyd Mech’s horizontal band saws are designed for multi-shifting mitering and cutting tasks. These tough machines can handle multiple slugging of parts.


So when you’re looking for a Hyd Mech band saw for your industrial sawing application, we at Industrial Bandsaw Services would be happy to assist you as we offer a wide selection of high quality Hyd Mech saws. Feel free to browse the rest of our website or contact us today for more information!