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The Different Types of Band Saws And Their Capabilities

June 19, 2020

New or used bandsaws are some of the most versatile power tools available because of their ability to cut through various types of material. However, before you invest in one, you need to determine the specific requirements you need from the machine. The three major types that Industrial Bandsaw provides include new and used bandsaws that come in vertical, horizontal, and horizontal pivot designs. Knowing what each bandsaw type is designed for will help you choose the perfect one for your application!

Vertical Bandsaw

Industrial Bandsaw carries a variety of vertical band saws known as the V-series that come in semi-automatic or automatic modes of operation. Designed as heavy-duty vertical tilt frame saws, they are known to be very flexible in generating complicated lines and shapes and have the ability to cut two-way miters. The V-25 is one of the models in our vertical bandsaw series, a semi-automatic bandsaw that can miter 60° both left and right, has a 10 HP motor, and a 6° degree canted head designed for efficient cutting and improved blade life. Whether it is a new or used bandsaw, the V25 is perfect for all your vertical metal cutting projects.

Horizontal Bandsaw

Horizontal Bandsaws are perfect for cutting longer materials and offer excellent accuracy and precision when working with straight lines. Industrial Bandsaw’s H Series horizontal bandsaws are quick and can deliver straight cuts up to 80”. The H-32A is a high-speed automatic horizontal bandsaw that provides 90° metal cutting for heavy-duty applications. With its high-speed shuttle feed of up to 32” and a 20 HP blade drive, it will definitely get the job done quickly.

Horizontal Pivot Bandsaw

Industrial Bandsaw offers various miter-cutting, scissors style machines that come in manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic models. These powerful and versatile machines are designed for multiple medium-duty applications and have the ability to miter up to 60°. The S-20A automatic scissor style band saw is suitable for tight workspaces and is perfect for light to medium applications. It is designed with a swing head design, a 13″H x 18″W capacity at 90°, 3 HP motor, and 1″ blade. It is sure to provide increased work productivity and precision.

Whether it’s a new or used bandsaw, you can trust Industrial Bandsaw to provide you with fully functional and reliable high-quality machines. If you are looking for a horizontal pivot bandsaw, we have a used S20A on sale right now!

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