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The Different Types of Knife-Band Bandsaw Blades

November 05, 2020

Every powerful band saw machine requires high quality and dependable accessories. It's important that bandsaw blades and parts are made to the highest quality to ensure precision and accuracy.


Bandsaw blades come in various types, and one of them is the knife-band. Let's take a look at the different knife-band bandsaw blades available at Industrial Bandsaw Services:


SlimCut Butcher


These types of blades have hardened teeth that are made from special high carbon steel. The blade is specially designed to have fast and precise cuts that lower cutting costs and produce less waste. It is suitable for cutting meat products as well as heavy foam, plastic, packaging materials, and more!




The Scallop blade is made from carbon steel that has a 1/2' pitch and can also be made from stainless steel. This blade features a hollow ground cutting each where each scallop of the blade is ground to precision. This type of blade can be used for foam fabrication, food processing, packaging, and other industrial applications.




The wavy edge blade provides a fine clean cut and is specially designed to cut foam with low density. Because this blade has a smooth crest of waves, it is the preferred choice for applications that involve fibrous materials that require a dust-free cut.



Wire blades are wound so the outer layer of the wire acts as an abrasive to cut special patterns and shapes out of foam, rock wool and foamglass. These types of wire blades are available in different levels of abrasiveness depending on your application requirements and the material being cut. Applications include cutting foam, non-woven materials, insulation, rebond and pipe insulation.


Narrow Knife


The narrow knife-edge blade is produced with carbon steel and provides accurate and smooth finishes. This type of blade is versatile and is designed to slice and peel various soft products. Applications include cutting soft foam, rubber, fabric, insulation material, and certain produce.


Wide Knife


Produced from high carbon steel, these types of blades are joined with uniformly hard wells which allow them to withstand various feed rates. They are designed to fit a wide variety of machinery. They are ideal for cutting leather, textiles, and more! 


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