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The Importance of Regularly Maintaining Your Band Saw Blades

November 05, 2019

If you regularly use your bandsaw, you likely understand the importance of regular maintenance for increased durability and overall product longevity. Just like your car, band saws require maintenance to ensure overall performance.


Band saws are heavy-duty machines that require regular upkeep – which is why it is essential that regular inspection checks are performed on each machine component.


As the machine part that comes in direct contact with the work piece, it is important that the saw blade in particular receives a higher degree of care. Using products like band saw lubricant and coolants, and preparing for regular replacement will ultimately lead to more precise cuts in the long-term.


Regular Lubrication


If you use your bandsaw on a reliable basis, making use of band saw lubricant can aid in enhancing the operational efficiency of your bandsaw machine. To avoid blades getting too hot, cutting fluids should be applied when cutting the material. Determining how much lubrication your bandsaw needs is largely dependent on frequency of use. In most industrial settings, regularly lubricating your bandsaw and misting systems are especially necessary for ease-of-use during the cutting process and reducing any technical blade issues.


Regular Replacement


While regular maintenance prevents the need to replace band saw blades unnecessarily – regardless of how often you maintain your band saw, there will come a day when it will need to be replaced. Extended periods of use without maintenance can result in a dull band saw blade – which can also lead to undesired uneven cuts.


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