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Look no further than Hyd Mech band saws. Industrial Bandsaw provides innovative Hyd Mech band saws. To learn more, give us a call today or visit our website.

The Various Innovative Hyd Mech Band Saw Model Series’




Are you looking for a company that offers high quality and reliable band saws? One of the reputable brand names at the top of the list is the Hyd Mech band saw. They are the industry leader in providing the highest standard band saw products and sawing solutions.


Being one of the best providers, they have been developing and innovating various band saw units, including the following series:


The Double Miter Series

The double miter Hyd Mech band saws are smaller units that are suitable for tight workspaces and provide sharp cutting capabilities despite their size. There are several different units falling within this series. One machine is the DM-10 band saw, which is great for limited working spaces and is designed with the ability to resist vibration and provides excellent rigidity for precise cuts. Another machine is the DM-1318P that is highly capable of cutting heavy materials. 


The Vertical Series 

The heavy-duty units under this series are made with high-quality parts and are built to provide exceptional performance. They are available in both semi-automatic and automatic modes of operation. They are also specially engineered to have the flexibility of cutting two-way miters and with cutting capacities of up to 30”. 


The Horizontal-Pivot Series

The Hyd Mech band saw units in this model series are miter cutting, scissor style machines. They have a swing head capability that enables them to handle multiple medium-duty sawing applications in various industries, such as oil refineries, machine and fabrication shops as well as trailer manufacturers. They also come both in manual and semi-automatic units with mitering abilities of up to 60º.


Here at Industrial Bandsaw, we have experienced staff who can help you with all your band saw needs and questions. Give us a call today at 905-566-4800 and to learn more about our products and services. 



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The industry leader in band saw technology for 40 years, Hyd Mech strives for excellence in quality band saw machines.


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