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Troubleshooting a Dulled Band Saw Blade

May 06, 2021

Band saw blades can be complicated to work with if you have not dealt with these components before. However, there are plenty of tried and true methods when it comes to assessing blade performance and performing blade maintenance.

Band saw blades are a crucial part of your operations. Their longevity and efficiency can become a determining factor behind the smoothness of your logistics, and as such it is important to make sure you keep an eye on them in order to catch signs of failure well in advance.

In today’s blog, we will be highlighting some key considerations to take note of when it comes to your bandsaw performance.  

How to Spot a Dulled Band Saw Blade

Visual inspections are not the only way to ascertain blade integrity. It is relatively easy to spot a dulled band saw blade. Operations will be much slower and less smooth, and your blade may even shift a lot during cutting operations. 

In terms of visual cues, you can inspect the blade teeth on the cutting edge for obvious signs of wear. If those are not present, look for the colour of the teeth: if they are much brighter in relation than the rest of the blade, they could be dulled. Furthermore, if you are noting an excess amount of granular chips while cutting metals, this could be a sign of a dulled blades. Granular chips should only appear in significant amounts when cutting cast iron, and even then, an experienced band saw operator should be able to tell the difference between a normal amount of debris and an abnormal amount.

Causes of Band Saw Blade Wear and Tear

Like any product that has been exposed to intensive use and environments, your band saw blade will wear down over time. That said, accelerated wear is abnormal and it will be important for you to mitigate that as much as possible.

 There are a few primary causes of band saw blade wear:

  1. Exceedingly quick sawing speed and feed for the material being cut
  2. Wrong blade pitch for the hardness of the material
  3. Using the wrong kind of blade for specific applications or materials

It is necessary to always make sure you are using the right band saw machine and blade for your specific applications. Consult with experts such as those at Industrial Bandsaw Services for some helpful guidance and advice.  

If you find that your band saw machine and blade are beyond repair, get in touch with a reputable distributor to get your opponents replaced as soon as possible. Industrial Bandsaw Services is proud to offer the best distribution and services to clients all over Ontario. Call us today!