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Troubleshooting Guide for Faulty Band Saw Parts

November 09, 2021

Are some of your band saw parts not functioning right? Are the blades not cutting straight or the motor just won’t start as it should? Before jumping the gun to completely replace these faulty band saw parts, it helps to be able to troubleshoot the issues you are facing so you know exactly what you are dealing with and whether replacements or repairs are needed.


In today’s blog, we will be listing some common band saw part issues and how you can overcome them.

1. The blade won't move even when the motor is running.

Inexperienced operators may jump to replace the blade or the motor in this scenario. However, the reason your blade is not moving is most likely due to malfunctions in other band saw parts. For instance, a failed drive belt or damaged rubber tire may be the culprit here. If there are no issues with your blade, check the rubber tires and motor drive belt and replace if damaged.

2. The blade keeps slipping off the wheel.

There are many potential causes for blade slipping. These can include loose blade tension, dull saw blades, worn wheel bearings or damaged rubber tires. First, check on the blade tension and adjust where necessary. A poorly tensioned blade may cause damages to other band saw parts, and so this problem should be dealt with as soon as possible.

3. The blade makes ragged cuts.

One very likely reason for this issue is the use of a wrong blade type or a dull blade. You may also be feeding the material too quickly into the band saw. This can twist the blade which causes tattered edges on the cuts. The blade also can produce ragged cuts if the tension is loose or the blade is dull. If it is simple issue of tension or operating issues, you can simply make the necessary adjustments without having to replace the blade. However, if the blade is dull, you will have to have it replaced.

No matter whether you need repairs or replacements, make sure to get the best services and band saw parts from professional band saw experts. The folks at Industrial Bandsaw Services will be glad to provide their services for any maintenance and repair needs you may have. Give us a call today to learn what we can do to help you!