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Using Your Band Saw Supplies for Food Processing

May 25, 2018

The food processing industry represents one of the less common uses for industrial band saw supplies. Typically, our customers at Industrial band saw use supplies from our inventory to modernize their production lines by shaping, managing, or otherwise working with products such as wooden planks, metal casings, or other materials that see use in a huge variety of end products. These uses are almost always the ones that come to mind first when thinking of an “industrial band saw.”

As a result of this association, food processing isn’t something that comes to mind quickly when talking about band saws. And yet, the same principles that apply to wood or metal products apply here too – well-designed band saw supplies and blades can form accurate and easy cuts, thanks to the relatively low levels of resistance offered by even tough foods. A good band saw is an easy and reliable way to prepare large levels of meat, fish, and other processed food items.

The design of our band saw supplies also means a long-lasting, cost-effective way to enhance your production line. Our blades, supplied through amazing brands such as Simmons and Kasco, are designed for minimal downtime, which works to the advantage of an industry that is constantly running. Most importantly, properly using band saw products with food processing minimizes the risk of contamination, as our products are all manufactured to retain cleanliness and promote strong hygiene practices.


Well-designed band saw supplies are extremely well-suited for use in industries that process meat, fish, and many other types of food.



Despite their more common uses, many of our industrial band saw products are actually ideal for the food processing industry, and our technicians are able to advise and assist with the installation and maintenance of anything you might need to boost your production efficiency. For more information on products that would be best suited for your business, feel free to contact us anytime!