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What Are Some Of The Best Bi-Metal Blades Out There

October 07, 2020


We offer a wide range of blades that are suitable for an array of different purposes. For every project that requires a blade, it is important to ensure that the most suitable and compatible one is selected for the job at hand. One of our most popular types of blades are Bi-Metal blades. 


There are a range of different types to explore:


Duoflex M42

This blade has a wide range of uses and is extremely efficient and durable – the duoflex® M42 is a true all-rounder suitable for production cutting for all types of metal. It offers a multifaceted use and is extremely efficient as well as durable -- the duoflex M42 is great due to the range of different functions it can play when cutting all types of different metals. These bandsaw blades can be used in production fabrication as well as machine shops.


Duoflex® PT

When you need to saw tubing, structurals and bundles you need bandsaw blades that feature  both low vibration as well as offering precision cutting ability. With its special tooth geometry and setting, our duoflex® PT is specially engineered for intermittent cutting applications to reduce pinching, tooth breakages and tooth chipping.


Duoflex® MX55

This bimetal band saw with the new micro-resistant, extremely stable cutting edge is the saw blade of your first choice and can be used for the most demanding cutting jobs as well as interrupted cuts. The new cutting edge is particularly wear-resistant, even in interrupted cuts and extends blade life substantially. These outstanding features of this bimetal saw blade contribute to reduce your production costs.


Duoflex® VTX

This powerful blade is engineered particularly for cutting large applications. It is micro resistant with a stable cutting edge and has reduced cutting forces thanks to an intelligent chip distribution by a multi-level tooth set. 

If you're looking for reputable Bandsaw Blades, Industrial Bandsaw Services can help in your search for the exact product you are looking for.