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What is a Double Mitre Bandsaw Machine?

March 23, 2023
What is a Double Mitre Bandsaw Machine?

Are you curious about how metal fabrication shops cut complex angles and shapes with precision? One of the tools they use is a double mitre bandsaw machine. This powerful cutting equipment is essential for producing precise cuts in various materials, including pipes, tubes, beams, and bars. In this blog post, we'll dive into what a double mitre bandsaw is and how it works to provide high-quality results for your metalworking needs.

How does a Double Mitre Bandsaw Machine work?

A double mitre bandsaw is a sawing machine that can cut material at two different angles. It consists of two separate saws, each of which can be set to a different angle. This allows the machine to make both mitre and bevel cuts.

  • The two saws on a double mitre bandsaw machine are mounted on a common frame. The frame also has a table where the material to be cut is placed. The table can be adjusted so that the material is held at the correct angle for the cutting operation.

  • To make a mitre cut, one of the saws is set to the desired angle and the other saw is left in its default position. The material is then fed into the first saw, which makes the initial cut. The second saw then makes a complementary cut that completes the mitre.

  • Bevel cuts are made by setting both saws to different angles. The material is fed into the first saw, which makes an angled cut. The second saw then makes a complementary cut that creates the desired bevelled edge.


In conclusion, we can see that double mitre bandsaw machines are a great choice for any business or individual looking to make accurate cuts in materials like wood and metal. They offer a fast and precise way to cut even the most difficult angles, with minimal effort on the part of the user. With their electric motor drive and adjustable blade speeds, they are ideal for cutting delicate materials while also providing a high degree of accuracy. You can count on us at Industrial Bandsaw Services for all your bandsaw needs. Our extensive collection of brand-new machinery feature double mitre, vertical, and horizontal bandsaws. We have been the leading supplier of branded bandsaws in Ontario for decades. Call us today to learn about everything we can do for you.