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Which Type of Band Saw Lubricant Works Best for You?

March 12, 2019


Band saw machines need to be maintained with an oil-based fluid on a regular basis to continue running smoothly.


A band saw lubricant is formulated to reduce rusting as well as friction between machine parts, ensuring that operations are not interrupted and the band saw will last longer. Different types of lubricants are available on the market to suit specific purposes and types of machinery. You may also have additional requirements when you’re choosing a lubricant, such as low cost. Here are three types of lubricants we can supply to meet all of your band saw needs.


Spray Mist

A spray mist works well in instances where only limited, measured quantities of lubricant are needed. This option results in reduced lubricant consumption and costs. Our CLEAN LUBE V4000 and CLEAN LUBE 3000 minimum quantity lubricant (MQL) spray mists dispense eight ounces of band saw lubricant in an eight-hour period, and are designed to replace flood coolant. Spray mists can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and contain both synthetic and raw renewable components.


Semi-Synthetic Oil

A semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils. The addition of synthetic oil improves the viscosity and lubrication properties of mineral oil, and keeps the cost of the lubricant low. Our SEMITECH GS lubricant enhances general machining capabilities of band saws made of ferrous metals, stainless steel and most types of aluminum. It also provides rust protection and does not leave behind a sticky residue. This lubricant is ideal for automatic or CNC machining equipment.


We also supply a low-oil semi-synthetic option: SEMITECH 650. This is a medium-duty fluid that is meant to be diluted with water. This lubricant is better suited for central systems and large individual sumps.


Vegetable-Based Oil

CLEAN LUBE V2000 is a MQL that is vegetable-based. Vegetable-based lubricants can be made from seed, grain or nuts and serve as an alternative to petroleum oil. This type of band saw lubricant is useful in high-production machining shops with equipment made of materials that are difficult to maintain, such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. Our vegetable-based oil lubricant is an environmentally-friendly option as it is biodegradable. This lubricant also decreases fluid disposal costs, without losing lubricating quality.


At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we supply lubricants and coolants in addition to band saws and band saw blades. Purchasing a band saw from a trusted brand is the first step to ensuring that you have a tool that will last a long time. The next step is to maintain your machine with a high-quality band saw lubricant to retain its cutting ability. We can supply lubricants that will keep your band saw running at maximum efficiency. Contact us today for any of your band saw needs!