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Why Band Saw Blade Lubricant is Essential In Sawing

July 11, 2018

Band saw blade lubricant comes in a number of compositions, for use with wood and different metals. Most people think friction and heat when they consider sawing with a band saw, but a band saw blade lubricant mist serve so many different functions.


Band saw blade lubricant, particularly the flood type, may not seem worth the effort given the clean up involved, but it makes a tremendous impact on the life of your band saw and the quality of your sawing.


Band saw blade lubricant is essential for keeping temperatures low and stopping the metal or wood from being treated by the heat generated during sawing. In fact, heat dissipation is one of the primary roles of the band saw blade lubricant and coolant.


Lubricants are not all alike. Depending on the speed of the saw and the material being cut what band saw blade lubricant should be used can vary widely. Using an incorrect lubricant in your application has the potential to harm your blade, damage the material being cut and clog the machinery.


Band saw blade lubricant is important, too, to getting smooth cuts. A reduction in friction means reduced vibration, smoother operation of the blade and a more consistent cut.


There is a common misconception that water can be used as a lubricant in sawing operations, given that it is water that is used in certain band saw blade lubricant to dilute the admixture. However, given the lack of viscosity of water, its inability to adhere to the saw’s surface, not to mention its propensity for causing rust, it is probably more harmful to the cutting process than helpful to it.


Using a high quality band saw blade lubricant from a reputed supplier will ensure your equipment performs at its most efficient for longer. At Industrial Bandsaw Services we stock a wide variety of lubricants and coolants to make sure you find the one most suited to your application and suitable for your operation.