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Why Do My Band Saw Parts Keep Breaking?

December 14, 2021

Among all the different band saw parts, the blade is probably the most vulnerable to breakage. If you have been experiencing issues with your blade or even with other band saw parts, you will need to step up your maintenance procedures and frequency. There are many reasons why band saw parts can break unexpectedly. It is important to know the reasons so that you can work to avoid them.


Here are some common scenarios that can result in the premature failure of band saw parts. 

1. Machine defects

Keep in mind that even if you are using the highest quality blades, they can still fail if there is something wrong with the other band saw parts. For instance, just a little misalignment of guides or bearings can cause a twist in the blade as it cuts. This can also result in tensioning issues that can cause premature breakage. Misalignment of the blade can also cause more stress on major welded joints, making them vulnerable to damage. This can be addressed through regular service to make sure that the blade is properly aligned and that other parts are in good order.

2. Tensioning issues

Generally, a tight blade is better than a loose one. However, as mentioned before, too much tension can also result in more issues. Overtensioning is also expected to significantly reduce the life of your blade by leading to blade breakage, gullet cracks, as well as cracks on the back edges of the blade. Thankfully, it is not difficult to ensure proper tensioining. Most new band saws come with built-in indicators to warn of improper te

3. Incorrect tooth-per-inch specifications 

The blades that are used in band saws differ from regular saw blades in that they are usually heavier, have fewer teeth, and are usually longer. Usually, these blades can have around 1 to 14 teeth per inch. Having the wrong tooth-per-inch, also known as TPI, specifications for your blade can result in tooth breakage and other issues with your blade. If your blade is faulty, the band saw machine can experience undue stress and this may adversely affect the other band saw parts. 

Now that you know these key tips, you will be better prepared to operate your band saw properly. Avoiding unnecessary band saw part damage is crucial to ensuring you can maintain a healthy bottom line. Check out our blog for more maintenance and operation tips!