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Why Source Bandsaw Lubricants From Industrial Bandsaw Services




If you own a bandsaw or you rely on one for your day-to-day business or industrial applications, you know the importance of maintaining it in top-notch condition. Any snag to the bandsaw's operation can significantly affect your process and bring it to a complete halt. Every business owner should do their best to prevent downtime as it leads to loss of time and money.


Every bandsaw technician knows the importance of using the right lubricant to sustain optimal performance. You should only do business with brands that have a proven track record, to guarantee top-quality lubricants. Industrial Bandsaw Services is a leading supplier of bandsaw lubricants in Canada.


3 reasons to source bandsaw lubricants from us.


Expert advise
Our team comprises experts with many years of experience. We stay updated with all the latest upgrades in the bandsaw industry to offer top-notch service to our loyal customers. Our team is always here to help you if you want to buy lubricants for your bandsaw and need some guidance. Depending on your bandsaw model and its intended application, we recommend the best lubricant. 


Products from the top brands
We understand the importance of quality. This is why we only stock products from the best brands. We offer lubricants from Eberle and Semitech, arguably two of the most popular brands. Industrial Bandsaw Services is the place to be to get your hands on branded bandsaw lubricant.


Diverse lubricant types
We can supply it to you irrespective of the type of lubricant you want. Our diverse collection includes spray mist lubricants and semi-synthetic oils. We have in stock at all times a wide range of lubricants from the top brands.


Industrial Bandsaw Services is committed to supplying our customers with the best bandsaw supplies. We also have in-stock coolants from the best brands. We offer bandsaw blades and used bandsaws to our clients across Ontario. Call us today to learn about our wide range of products.


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That latter part we can show you with a range of machinery, industrial band saw blades, services, and advice that you can rely on to keep your equipment performing and add value to your business. In other words, we produce the best band saw blades in Ontario and Canada.

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