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Why We Trust the Eberle Brand

April 16, 2019

Last week we posted a blog about finding the right bi-metal band saw blade for your needs. All of our bi-metal blades are manufactured by Eberle, and we are proud to say that we are the exclusive fully-accredited distributor of Eberle blades in Ontario. Our inventory of band saw parts produced by this company includes bimetal, coated bimetal and carbide band saw blades. We have chosen to partner with Eberle because they are a top-ranking manufacturer of high-performance blades. They are known for their premium quality products designed to maximize precision and efficiency.


History of Eberle

Based in Germany, Eberle was founded in 1836 by Norbert Eberle. The company grew rapidly from the very beginning—within 10 years, the company had 10 employees producing 720,000 fretsaws per year. By 1871, Eberle had its own file cutting and pattern-making shops. The company started experimenting with cold rolling in 1883, and established its own cold rolling mill two years later. Exportations were soon to become a significant source of Eberle’s profits, as the company had developed an international reputation by 1936. Eberle’s capabilities in the production of metal band saws and band saw parts grew with the addition of a new hall to their facility in 2004.


Eberle currently has partners and subsidiaries across the globe. Their network has expanded to satisfy the demand for their top-notch band saw blades. In fact, Eberle exports 90% of their products, demonstrating the recognition of their leadership in the industry.


Investment in Innovation

We trust in the Eberle brand because we know that the company is wholly invested in continuously improving its products through research and development. Eberle is unique in that it is the only saw manufacturer in the world that conducts every step of the band saw parts production process in-house. As such, the Eberle team is knowledgeable about all aspects of band saws blades. Eberle even provides tools, such as the band tension gauge and the cutting parameter app, to get the best use out of your band saw blades. Their success to date can be attributed to their customer-focused philosophy.



“Our work is being close to the customer. New product lines come from active consultation with the users and learning about their experience in the real world”.


-Martin Döring, CEO of J.N. Eberle & Cie. GmbH


At Industrial Bandsaw, we supply new and refurbished band saws, as well as blades and band saw parts, manufactured by brands known for producing quality products. Our manufacturing partners include reputable companies such as Hyd Mech, Kasco, Simmons and Eberle. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve been able to partner with the best manufacturers in the industry. Contact us today for reliable industrial band saw machinery in the Greater Toronto Area!