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Why We Trust the HYDMECH Brand

March 27, 2019

We have partnered with reputable brands to supply our customers with reliable, high-quality band saw machinery. One of the brands we’ve partnered with is HYDMECH—an industry leader in band saw technology for over 40 years. We believe that a Hyd Mech band saw can bring your facility operations to the next level in terms of efficiency and manufacturing capabilities. Here’s a little background information about the company to give some insight about why HYDMECH is a brand we trust.


History of HYDMECH

HYDMECH was founded by Stan Jasinski, a Polish immigrant and engineer, in 1978. The company started out as an engineering consulting firm for hydraulic and forestry equipment, but once Stan realized how challenging it was to find a saw for his needs, he decided to build his own. From then, the focus of his company shifted to the manufacturing of band saws.


In the four decades since HYDMECH was founded, it has become an international leader in metal sawing solutions. Experience has taught the company that innovative solutions are needed in the ever-changing landscape of the manufacturing industry, in which customers are seeking ways to stand out among the competition. A Hyd Mech band saw can serve a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive and metal fabrication. Thanks to their commitment to quality and service, HYDMECH has been ranked as the #1 equipment brand in sawing by Metal Center News twice, in 2017 and 2018.


The HYDMECH Advantage

Here a three specific advantages you can count on having if you purchase a Hyd Mech band saw for your facility:


  • Unmatched Value—HYDMECH doesn’t just focus on quality, they aim to supply band saws at affordable prices. Their saws have the highest cost-per-cut value in the industry, as they’re built to last.
  • Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities—The HYDMECH manufacturing facility is located in Woodstock, Ontario and has 125,000 square feet of space. This facility has the space and the personnel to engineer and manufacture quality machinery quickly.
  • Service Support—HYDMECH has an international network of distributors, including Industrial Bandsaw, through which they provide installation services, training and ongoing maintenance and support. The company also has five service technicians on standby to assist you through the phone!


At Industrial Bandsaw, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible options for new and used band saws and blades. We’ve partnered with the most trusted brands in the industry, including Eberle, Simmons, Scotchman, Kasco and Hyd Mech, with this goal in mind. We can recommend a Hyd Mech band saw to suit your specific facility needs. Contact us today for quality machinery, and excellent service to match!