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Woodmaxx Wood Bandsaw Blades: Quality and Precision

May 14, 2019

At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we are dedicated to prioritizing your equipment needs based on quality, accuracy and consistency. That’s why we only carry wood bandsaw blades by KASCO – known for providing quality results regardless of project scope. KASCO-made Woodmaxx is a reputable name in the power equipment industry. American branded and built, Woodmaxx is known for manufacturing high-quality, durable sawing equipment for contractors in North America. At Industrial Bandsaw, we offer Woodmaxx bandsaw blades for thin kerf saw mills and horizontal and vertical re-saws.


Today we’ll discuss what sets Woodmax Wood Bandsaw Blades apart from competitors.


Ultra Precision Ground Teeth


When it comes to precision look no further than Woodmaxx blades. The teeth on Woodmaxx saw blades are grounded allowing for more precise cuts regardless of blade width, thickness, profile, and tooth spacing.


Tight Tolerance Balanced Tooth Set


Woodmaxx blades are the product of 110 years of experience and commitment to designing quality bandsaw blades that are made from durable materials to stand the test of time. Woodmaxx saw blades offer tight tolerance balances tooth sets, allowing for more dependable performance when cutting for even the most abrasive of applications.


State-of-the-art Tooth Hardening


Woodmaxx saw teeth are hardened to prolong operational life, and extend the range of sawing applications. From wood to plastic, with proper care and maintenance – you can rely on Woodmax wood sawblades to outperform competitors every time.


Industrial Bandsaw is Your #1 Source for Wood Bandsaw Blades


If you’re in the market for quality bandsaw blades, then consider Industrial Bandsaw Services as your one-stop shop for all bandsaw related needs in the Greater Toronto Area. For cutting applications that include foam, leather, wood, and food processing – Industrial Bandsaw offers solutions that meet the specificity of your application needs. For all your band saw needs, call Industrial Bandsaw Services today!