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Your Guide to Band Saw Blade Wear

October 07, 2019
Your Guide to Band Saw Blade Wear

In a previous blog, we highlighted that while all band saw parts are indispensable in your arsenal for material cutting, the blade itself carries the burden in reaching the goal of your task.


A natural follow up to this is in regards to the wear to your blade brought on by such a task.


Today, we’ll go over why blade wear is an inherent part of the cutting process, how it should be accounted for, and practical ways to identify a dulled edge:


Causes of Blade Wear

It is natural for your band saw blade to become dull when in use for extended periods of time. You do, however, want to mitigate the acceleration of this wear beyond its natural progression. What are the primary causes of accelerated wear?


  • Too quick of a sawing speed and feed for the material being cut
  • Unsuitable blade pitch for the hardness of the material


While an experienced operator will have the foresight to reduce the feed for natural hard spots that occur within cast iron or welded metal, some rubbers and plastics are known for their inherent abrasiveness that can dull blades irrespective of their feed and speed. Reasons like this are why many opt to work alongside reputable companies that can troubleshoot and maintain their band saw parts and blades, helping minimise their downtime.


How Can I Tell If My Blade Is Dull?

One of the first things you’ll notice when using a dulled band saw blade is a slow or inability to cut a workpiece fed by hand. You may also come to find during this that following a predetermined line proves troublesome and/or shifting of the blade to occur.  


For a visual cue, we recommend taking a look at the blade teeth on the cutting edge, should they appear brighter in relation to the rest of the blade then this can be symptomatic of a dull blade.


Lastly, while it is normal for granular chips to disperse when cutting cast iron, it should not be commonplace when cutting other metals as it is indicative of dulling.


Blades and Band Saw Parts That Keep Giving…

One thing we’ve noticed throughout our 40+ years providing band saw services is that clients want long-lasting band saw parts and blades. That’s why we never skimp on quality here at Industrial Bandsaw Services; a supplier of all-things band saw related. Reach out to learn about our inventory!