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3 Most-Effective Eberle Bandsaw Blades

July 07, 2022

3 Most-Effective Eberle Bandsaw Blades

If you ask a machine shop or a sawmill owner which part of their bandsaw they think is the most important, the answer will almost always be bandsaw blades. A bandsaw without a dependable blade is as good as dysfunctional. 

Industrial Bandsaw Services, based in Ontario, is a one-stop-shop for all your bandsaw blade needs. Our wide selection of blades features wooden, bi-metal, and knife bands.  Eberle is one of the most trusted brands worldwide when it comes to bandsaw blades. We boast an extensive selection of Eberle bandsaw blades.


3 Top Bandsaw Blades from Eberle



Duoflex MX55
This bi-metal blade from Eberle is very popular among machine shop operators. Its micro-resistant cutting edge makes it perfect for effective cutting. Its application includes but is not limited to cutting round, square, and flat bars. You can even cut metal beams with the help of Duoflex MX55 without damaging your bandsaw. This heat and abrasion-resistant blade is perfect for interrupted cuts and a stable cutting edge. 

Duoflex PT
In a machine shop, the job is not just limited to cutting round, square, or flat bars. Certain tasks also require you to cut tubings and bundles. Duoflex PT Eberle bandsaw blade is designed for such applications. The low vibration and precision cutting ability make Duoflex PT ideal for cutting bundles and tubings. The special tooth geometry is engineered for intermittent cutting applications. With this blade, you do not have to worry about pinching, chipping, or breakages. 

CT-Flex 4000
This carbide bandsaw blade boasts CT4 geometry. Sourcing this blade will simplify your task of cutting tough materials. The kerf spread over cutting edges ensures smooth cutting and low cutting loads. This blade is perfect for projects demanding short cycle times. 

We are the official supplier of Eberle bandsaw blades. Get in touch with us to learn about our extensive selection of bandsaw blades and bandsaw supplies.