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The best place for band saws in Canada is Industrial Bandsaw Services. Every day, we work to add value to our customers' businesses with the products and services we provide.

Industrial Bandsaw Services distributes new, as well as used and refurbished, band saws and band saw blades, machinery, lubricants and coolants for Hyd Mech, Eberle, Simmons, Scotchman, and Kasco, some of the biggest and best names in the industry.


Eberle provides a large variety of high tech band saw blades including bimetal, coated bimetal and carbide - use Eberle band saw blades for all your cutting demands.

Duoflex M42
Wide range of uses, efficient and durable – the duoflex® M42 is a true all-rounder suitable for production cutting all types of metal.
Duoflex® PT
When you need to saw tubing, structurals and bundles you need a band saw blade that features low vibration and offers precision cutting ability. With its special tooth geometry and setting, our duoflex® PT is specially engineered for intermittent cutting applications to reduce pinching, tooth break ...
Duoflex® MX55
This bimetal band saw with the new micro-resistant, extremely stable cutting edge is the saw blade of your first choice. The new cutting edge is particularly wear-resistant, even in interrupted cuts and extends blade life substantially. These outstanding features of this bimetal saw blade contribute ...
Duoflex® VTX
This high performance bimetal blade with variable, strongly positive tooth geometry is engineered particularly for cutting large applications. The new powder-metallurgical cutting edge featuring a very homogenous micro-structure performs much better regarding blade life compared to bimetal blades ...
Duoflex® GTX
When you need to cut large to very large blanks you need a band saw blade that features an extremely long blade life, particularly smooth operation and a very clean cutting surface. In other words: you need the duoflex® GTX bimetal band saw blade with its triple chip ground toothing and a very stab ...
Nanoflex® VTX
Do you need an extremely efficient bimetal band saw blade for cutting large applications? Then, nanoflex ® VTX is exactly the right saw blade. This saw band is a bimetal blade with a TiAlN-coating. This coating perfectly meets the challenging demands on wear and heat resistance which is cruci ...
Nanoflex Black
Increase your productivity with the nanoflex® Black bimetal band saw. Its high speed steel teeth have a TAlN coating to provide additional abrasion-resistance and durability. In comparison with uncoated saw bands they achieve a higher cutting performance, resulting in significantly higher productiv ...
CT-Flex® 4000
The CT-flex® 4000 carbide band saw blades with CT4 geometry are suitable for all tough-to-cut materials. Also, they can be used to cut aluminum and other nonferrous metals, especially when short cycle times are needed. The kerf of the saw blade is spread over multiple cutting edges, which means the ...
CT-Flex® 3000
The CT-flex® 3000 carbide-tipped band saw blades with CT3 geometry are especially suited to sawing hard-to-cut materials such as titanium alloys and nickel-based alloys. They are much more effective than bimetal saw blades. Our reliable 4% chromium backing material puts them among the best in their ...
CT-Flex® Nano
The CT-flex® nano is a high performance carbide band saw blade for steels that are particularly tough to cut such as stainless, acid-resistant steels and nickel-based alloys. Its TiAIN-coated teeth are extremely heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and pre-honed, eliminating the need to break them in. T ...
CT-Flex® CHM
Our CT-flex® CHM is the optimum band saw blade for high-alloy surfaces and hardened materials. It can also be used to reliably cut materials that have particularly resistant and robust edges. We adapted the tooth geometry especially to achieve this. The negative rake angle of the teeth allows for a ...
Aluminum blanks are expensive. So we have developed the, CT-flex® ALU XL, a high performance MultiChip saw blade that cuts through large plates and blocks of aluminum efficiently and with the lowest amount of material loss. Additionally, the special tooth geometry generates a thin chip that can be ...
CT-Flex® Pro
Our CT-flex® Pro band saw blades with triple chip set carbide-tipped teeth are the ideal choice for tough-to-cut and abrasive materials. Additionally, Pro is ideal for cutting non-ferrous materials at extremely high production rates. The set width of the teeth provides accurate cuts and clearance i ...
Machine and Sump Cleaner for Metalworking Fluid Systems
Semi-Synthetic Water Soluble
Medium-Duty Machining, Sawing & Grinding Fluid
Spray Mist/Minimum Quantity Lubricant (MQL)
Vegetable Based Minimum Quantity Lubricant (MQL)
Spray Mist/Minimum Quantity Lubricant (MQL)
Synthetic Anti-Weld Splatter Concentrate
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The industry leader in band saw technology for 40 years, Hyd Mech strives for excellence in quality band saw machines.


For your needs in foam, food, plastic and leather cutting – Simmons is the blade of choice.


Eberle provides a large variety of high-tech band saw blades including bimetal, coated bimetal and carbide blades for all your cutting demands.


Kasco WoodMaxx premium band saw blades for wood are ideal for sawmills and other applications where band sawmill blades are used.