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Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades from Industrial Bandsaw Services

January 25, 2021

Bi-metal bandsaw blades are some of the most commonly used blade types in industrial settings.

If you are in an industry where different kinds of metal sawing are performed, you will certainly need to find yourself a reliable supplier of high-quality bi-metal blades.

A bi-metal blade is a type of bandsaw blade that is made from two different metals. Typically, it will have a steel spring backing as well as high-speed steel edge material welded to the tips of its teeth. There is usually a little bit of cobalt incorporated into its teeth in order to promote longevity.

They are known to have a variety of qualities that are beneficial for industrial settings, particularly in relation to their durability. Some advantages of a bi-metal blade are:

  • Resistance to fatigue
  • Teeth optimized for hardness
  • Flexible and resilient band
  • Operates at high band tension
  • Straighter cuts

At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we source our bandsaw blades from the trusted manufacturer, Eberle. For decades, Eberle has refined its formula for the best blades in the industry, continuing to innovate and supply the sawing industry with efficient and durable blades.

There are three main lines of bandsaw blade products that we carry from Eberle, namely the Duoflex, Nanoflex, and CT-Flex series. The CT-flex line of products are carbide tipped bandsaw blades. For bi-metal blades, the former two series are known to have some of the best products in their categories.

Nanoflex blades have additional high-quality TiAlN-coatings to increase their durability and wear-resistance. This coating counters both wear and tear as well as heat damage, helping your blade survive for longer. The CT-flex Nano, a carbide-tipped blade, also utilizes the TiAIN coating.

Duoflex blades are some of the most popular blades in the industry. There are five main types: the M42, PT, MX55, VTX, and GTX. For more information about the Duoflex series, check out our previous blog.

For all your bandsaw needs, including services such as repair and maintenance, do not hesitate to call Industrial Bandsaw!