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The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Servicing To Conduct on Hydmech Band Saws

December 17, 2019

Band Saws from Hydmech in Ontario have been engineered to provide you with years upon years of unparalleled performance. While design parameters have been put into place to mitigate facilities from relying on extensive maintenance routines, much like all mechanical equipment, a baseline of servicing is necessary to keep cutting optimal and downtime at an all-time low.


Industrial Bandsaw Services and Hydmech in Ontario have consolidated their expertise to inform you of some of the practices to follow when handling relevant band saw machinery.


No two band saws are the same, that’s why for today’s piece we will focus on maintenance practices best served for the Hydmech S20A.


Best-Practice Maintenance Procedures

It is essential that the emergency stop button be activated before conducting any and all maintenance on band saw machinery. Similarly, ensure you are tenacious in removing work tools and old parts from the machine before commencing operations with the band saw.


Daily Servicing

  • Swarf from the machine is to be rid of, ideally with a non-abrasive cloth.
  • If a swarf collection drawer is located at the base, empty this too.
  • Refill lubrication/coolant to recommended levels.
  • Examine blade for wear (read our guide to learn how); replace if necessary.
  • Once operations have ceased for the day, loosen the blade tension to 72.5psi – this prolongs the service-life and decreases the likelihood of avoidable damage.


Weekly Servicing

  • The vice and its constituent parts (e.g. lead nut, sliding support, and slideway) are to be cleaned and contactable surface and moving joints should be lubricated.
  • Make sure the blade tensioning piston is not jutting out more than 44mm from the blade tensioning cylinder. If it isn’t then, as the tensioning unit is hydraulic, make sure the oil level is sufficiently topped up in the tensioning cylinder.
  • Should you find that the cutting vice is not precise and play occurs between the slideway and slide gib, then adjustment will be necessary.


Monthly Servicing

  • Adjust blade if not perpendicular to the work surface.
  • Adjust blade if not 90˚to the workpiece rest shoulder.
  • Avoid bending of the blade by ensuring the blade steady button and carbide inserts are not damaged and are aligned properly.
  • Be meticulous when cleaning the water tank and electric pump filter.


We’ve touched upon just the bare minimum of requirements for a single model (S20A) of band saw machinery we distribute for Hydmech in Ontario. As you can see, technicians with decades of experience for all types of band saw machinery prove invaluable for facilities everywhere.


We do more than distribute machinery for Hydmech in Ontario. No matter the make or model, Industrial Bandsaw Services have such trained staff on hand to deliver top-notch maintenance at your beck and call, 24/7. Our proprietary 20-point inspection puts us at the top of everyone’s list to keep their cutting activity ahead of the competition – we’d love to do the same for you!