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Wood Bandsaw Blade Care 101

January 16, 2020

Wood bandsaw blades are essential for a diverse range of construction and manufacturing applications. Due to the versatility of wood, wood saws must be able to cut effectively and precisely in order to facilitate wood products for use within construction and manufacturing industries.

Wood bandsaw blades are heavy-duty band saws by design, capable of cutting through various wood materials on a day-to-day basis. It makes sense that these machines undergo a lot of wear and tear, which is why proper maintenance is fundamental in maintaining regular operations.


Common Issues with Woodworking Bandsaw Blades


Common issues that woodworking bandsaw blades face include early wearing away of blade teeth, irregular blade vibrations, cracks or early signs of blade breakage, and irregular cuts in the work piece. For more information on assessing common issues, check out our previous blog Diagnosing Potential Issues with Your Woodworking Band Saw Blade.


Maintaining Your Woodworking Bandsaw Blades


Upon first purchasing a new bandsaw blade, it’s always worth noting that the blade should be properly broken in. Minimizing the speed can assist with the breaking in process without overextending the blade.

Proper lubrication of your wood bandsaw blades can also aid in ensuring smooth operation. Properly lubricating your bandsaw blade can help minimize total cutting volume, but can also mitigate the risk of blade damage from occurring.

Sharpening your bandsaw blade will also allow for more seamless functionality. A dull blade will inevitably lead to dull cuts. If you’re unsure what the sharpening process entails, consult your local industrial bandsaw specialist.


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