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The Importance of Using a Band Saw Lubricant

October 09, 2018

If you want your band saw to maintain its long-lasting performance, lubricating it should be your priority. To do this right, you need to use a quality band saw lubricant as part of its maintenance.


A band saw lubricant is vital to the maintenance of any band saw to ensure it runs at peak performance.


A band saw is used in various industries to cut wood and metal, and is much bigger in comparison to a regular circular saw. Some projects that require the use of a band saw include the manufacturing of chess pieces, wooden spoons, state patterns, wind spinners, and grand pianos.


The Key Is Lubricating

The use of a band saw lubricant is essential for cutting metal and wood. It’s advisable to apply the solution while the machine is running since it lessens the cutting sound by up to 50%. Lubricate on both sides after every few minutes. However, there is no need to apply the fluid in case the sound rises again.


Importance of Maintenance

These specialized tools require proper maintenance, and blade lubrication plays a significant part in that. Just like any machine, the lack of maintenance can cause breakage and damage. Proper maintenance is a preventive procedure that protects both the life of the machine and the user.


  • Band saw lubricant can help increase the life of this industrial tool.
  • The lubrication process can also prevent rust, particularly after cutting wet wood.


Lubrication Versus Coolant

Many people tend to confuse these two fluids. However, these fluids are not the same. Band saw lubricant focuses on producing clean and precise cuts, while coolant provides protection against excessive heat.


Band saw lubrication makes the tool effective and productive. Proper care of the band saw greatly affects its cutting quality, so when you strive to make precise cuts and take great care of your band saw, we at Industrial Bandsaw Services have the lubricants and coolants you need.


Whether you’re in need of a lubricant or coolant, we offer the Eberle Semitech 500 GS and the Semitech 650 for your cooling needs, as well as the Clean Lube 3000, V2000, and V4000 lubricants to ensure your band saw performs at its best.